Get some fresh air and pay later
what your purchase today!

Are you looking for additional payment terms for your business purchases? Get an extra 90 days on top of your usual payment terms!

Do you buy on behalf of your company?


Register your company in just a few clicks.

A worry? no worry: repayment is automatically processed on the due date by direct debit.

Discover our extended payment terms feature and receive up to an extra 90 days at our B2B merchants partners...

Any question? Contact our teams now and find out why we are the European leader in alternative working capital financing.

B2B extended payment terms are finally available

How does it work ?

Step 1

Rendez-vous auprès d’un de nos partenaires B2B physiques ou digitaux ayant intégré Finexpay.

Step 2

Register and create your account in just a few clicks.

Step 3

Do not change anything! Shop as usual and activate the Finexpay option.

Step 4

Collect your purchases. We will automatically reimburse the advanced amount with a direct debit on your bank account at due date.

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